Wednesday, August 20, 2003

This entry concerns the rapid progress of my work-related ADHD. Despite enjoying my work and having ample tasks to perform, I find myself becoming distracted around 3pm every day. I cannot seem to stop focusing on the "big picture" of the project and pick one detail to implement. Also, I cannot sit still. I believe this may be somewhat related to the 2 large coffee's I have in the morning, and I also hypothesize that the effect is amplified by the coca-cola I drink at lunch. I believe both of these beverages may contain a poison which I have named "coff-eene" which, when ingested with large quantities of processed cane-sugar, exhibits a chain reaction. While I believe the drug may be slowly poisoning me, I find myself addicted to the stimulant effects it produces. I nevertheless remain concerned at my inability to focus in the late afternoon, and as such have taken to doing work after I have returned home and relaxed for several hours, when the effects have worn off.

I must perform further research into the effects of coff-ene; I have determined that a commercial dairy producer named "Ben & Jerry's" markets a frozen variant of the coffee with sufficient toffee (note the similarity of the spelling? Perhaps this is indicative of a conspiracy, or at least a co-operative effect) and chocolate to ensure the coff-ene/sugar chain reaction. Tonight I intend to test it's effects on sleep. I am unsure how much I will need to take to reproduce the effects of the afternoon; as such I will ingest at least a full pint.

Pray for me.

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