Monday, August 25, 2003

I ate an antire box (12) of Krispy Kreme donuts today. I am not proud of myself. But they are so delicious! Anyway, I figure that posting my shame for all to see will encourage me to eat healthier in the future.

In other news, work was fun today. I had my first presentation to people in marketing who were described to me as "hard to please" by my boss; they were very pleased and my supervisor was happy in direct response. Since I basically finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule they were scrambling to find something for me to do, so I was told to study whatever I wanted that could be loosely defined as work-related. I listened to a Phish concert from '92 while reading up on XML and occasionally checking websites about NASA's new Mars Expeditions (which might find life on mars, and I'm in health insurance, which is all about life, right?).

I'm into the 5th season of Stargate, it's really well written. They have season-spanning story arcs, which make any sci-fi show about 10 times better in my opinion than most of the episodic crap on TV. Plus Amanda Tapping is very cute.

Tomorrow I want to get at least one of the following done: Get a checking account, join a gym, do laundry. Also, Friday is my first paycheck. Wheeee!

The God of War Draws Nigh...

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