Friday, August 29, 2003

Quickie Update -

Thursday I had my drug screen ( company required for all new employees ) but the nurse spilled my pee everywhere so I had to go back again today. She was very embarrassed but I told her not to worry about it so I could get home and take off my pee-soaked pants. I suppose the bright side is that, had I been stung by a jellyfish between the clinic and my apartment, I would have been ok.

I got my first paycheck today and was very happy; I also opened a bank account with it. Hooray money!

I found an internet archive with Phish's 1994 Halloween concert. The second set is a complete cover of the Beatle's White Album and is fucking fantastic. I spent most of the afternoon jamming out while fixing a custom control on one of the company's telemarketer data entry programs. I also found out (I'm new to Phish) that other Halloween concerts cover The Who's Quadrophenia, The Velvet Underground's Loaded, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and The Talking Head's Remain In The Light. Much to look forward to!

The Riggs will be in town soon, so he and I are gonna chill. Looking forward to that as well. More updates over the 3-day weekend... hallelujah!

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