Friday, August 22, 2003

I finished my pages yesterday ( or at least reached the point where I can't do much more on them until someone else's project is finished ) so I am using this time to study my craft. While reading, I'm listening to Phish, a concert from November 92 where they first played the Big Ball Jam. This song is based on a really interesting idea; there are four giant beach balls in the audience, each corresponding to a band member, and when the balls are in the air, the band members play. This lets the audience control the flow of the jam, which makes each rendition unique. The first set also contains a Johnny Cash cover, "I Walk the Line". Its a great cover, and it's kind of a coincidence that I happened to download this concert because just the other day my cousin Annie was at my apartment and we listened to her new Johnny Cash CD, which had "Walk the Line" as the first or second song.

I talked to mom yesterday and she said she doesn't "get" my blog, or the whole blogging idea. She said the posts had too much insider information between me and my friends. So I hope the more recent entries have been less cryptic for you mom.


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