Thursday, March 31, 2005

Awesomeness Recap

So two thursdays ago, having ensconced Casper in the safety of Lake Forest with his cousins Leonardo and Luciano, I boarded a Midwest Express flight to Boston, upon which I sat in custom designed leather seats with OODLES of legroom and was served fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies (2). I have to say, although I am looking forward to being out west I will miss Midwest and General Mitchel International Airport, where drive time is 15 minutes and combined checkin + security clearance is about 15 minutes on thanksgiving.

After arriving in Beantown, I was greeted by Erin and Julie, which caused a big grin to appear on my face, and we traipsed around Logan's shitty parking structure for about 40 minutes looking for the car until I (a guy, I might point out) asked for directions and took command, after which we found the car 5 minutes later. We then went back to the terminal for Lee and Stu and went back to Erin's apartment.


Friday I decided that I did not want to show up to Saturday night's gala event looking like a shabby bum, so I passed up a trip to Newbury Comics with Jer (whimper!) to go shopping at Filene's basement with Lee and Erin. I'd like to take a moment here to thank whatever gods there be for putting so many incredibly attractive women into my life. It makes walking down the street so much fun... Anyway I helped the ladies pick out a few things which they modeled for me but ultimately nobody bought anything. Then edub had to leave to prep something for that night's show but Lee and I went to buy things for me.

So we head up to Filene's proper and ask the sales associate for help, at which point he takes a quick glance at me and pegs me at 44 Long in about .02 nano-seconds. Suitably impressed (no pun intended) we nod like bobble-heads and he takes us over to the Calvin Klein rack and pulls down this fabulous black suit that has been marked down 400 dollars. Apparently my being dressed in dirty slacks and a fleece covered in cat hair gave him the impression that I was poor - remind me to always dress shabily for the best deals when going clothes shopping. Anyway this suit was almost a perfect fit, and Lee told me to buy it so I did. I also mentioned that I needed it tailored for the next day, so the guy sent me over to Winter Street to find a guy named T.M. who fitted it for me and took care of everything. We then went back and bought a shirt and tie, and then went home to much drinking and merriness.

Later that night I went to see "Lost In Yonkers" at the new theater. The theater was AMAZING, I am super jealous. The show was probably a B for me, with a few great A+ moments, most of them involving Julie or Alanna, who both owned the show. After the show I returned to Erin's apt for even more drinking, merriness, and lame falling asleep early (Copyright JWF 2005)

Saturday after sleeping until noon I went back downtown to pick up the suit and buy a pair of shoes. Now snappily attired, I got swanked up and went with the rest of the pretty people to the Saturday night show. Megan filled in competently for Jules but for me the Sat. show was kind of a C-, especially having seen it the night before. But after the show came the alumni party in the new reception lounge, which was AWESOME (except for the lame drinking rules. No one under 25 was allowed to drink anything on an out-of-state ID.) However we went out drinking elsewhere and much fun was had by all.

I don't remember what the hell I did Sunday but I'm sure it kicked as much ass as the rest of the weekend. Oh yeah before I forget, at one point I had Spikes and it was GODLY. We need better hotdog joints out in the Midwest. But fuck it, pretty soon I'll be fattening up at In N' Out, Carl's Junior, and various other exceptional fast food joints, so I can save spike's for Boston visits.


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[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Quick Joke

Ok so I know the promised WTFPWNED update hasn't arrived yet, but a coworker just told me a great joke that I want to remember so here goes.

One day two old jewish men were walking down the street in chinatown when they noticed a chinese restaurant called "Hiyam Rabinowitz' Wok." Curious about a jewish chinese restaurant and wondering if it served kosher food, they went in. Inside, they saw all chinese people, and the restaurant was decorated with chinese scrolls, silk wall hangings, dragons, etc. In fact, nobody even spoke english!

The old men were so curious that they went into the kitchen looking for the owner. They found an old man in a chef's hat lording over a staff of workers who, to their amazement, referred to him as "Rabinowitz". When they asked him about his name, in garbled english he replied "Prease wait. I get son. He speak good."

Rabinowitz' son came out and explained. "Oh, well you see my father passed through Ellis Island at the beginning of the century. The name his mother gave him was Saim Sing."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Update Soon

Massive WTFPWNED update about Weekend Of Awesomeness 2005 Extravaganza coming soon. Probably this weekend.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cheerin' Up Me

Since I've been having such a shite month, I decided to get myself a little something.

It's the 20gig clickwheel model, and Mikey, I expect something brilliant from you with regards to the laser inscription I chose :)


I have been sick with a sinus infection since last thursday. It's just bad enough to make me feel miserable without letting me stay home (not that I have enough sick days anyway). I am going back to the clinic Friday to make them give me antibiotics, since they wouldn't when I first went in.