Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I am posting the full text of my very first meaningless effluvium, courtesy of Lee, Los Angeles CA.

Finally. I'm so glad to have you and your tiny goblin. You're back to being a cool kid. Everything about this blog is awesome, especially its owner. Two Thumbs Up! Oh, and Jon Stamos -- absolutely. Who even remembers Antonio Banderas? It's all about comebacks driven by a marriage to someone hotter and more famous than you. (Antonio did the opposite -- someone less hot and less famous, and far less intelligent than anyone should be allowed to be.) You may now continue entertaining me.

Thanks, Lee. I was feeling sad that nobody was commenting. Then again nobody knows the trouble I've seen... I mean that this blog exists. Note to self: Send mass email tonight. Note to Lee: put me on your links and I'll do the same. You can keep google company.

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