Friday, November 07, 2003

The Onion Does It Again

These headlines kill me. From TheOnion, Novermber 1918: "Corpse Eating Rats now Largest Military Force in Europe".

Also, Stu, I had an idea for a video game.

Glengarry Glen Rocket

In the high stakes world of real estate, you play a sales agent who must kill off enemy salesmen to take their "good leads" and bring them back to the office. Your co-workers give you hints and tips - "You gotta kill him, just blow him away, just kill - I mean, you gotta kill the cocksucker, just kill him and take his leads out of his jacket pocket. Just kill him. Kill him and take the leads out of his goddamn pocket." The game features an impressive awards system to motivate players - high scorers will get a cadillac to drive around in. Medium scorers will get a set of knives to help improve their score in the future. Low scorers get a game over.

What do you think?

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