Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The New Chosen People

For those not clued into the tech news sector, a company called SCO has been throwing a non-stop hysterical raving litigation tantrum for about 6 months, threatening lawsuits against anyone using the open source linux operating system. Their claim is that linux contains lines of code which were taken from their intellectual property, however they refuse to say which lines and their blustering has become something of a joke. They are threatening lawsuits against IBM, OSDL, Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton (maintainers of the linux community) and now Google.

Most people think it's a giant publicity stunt to drive up the executive's stock shares before running to Tiajuanna but I saw an amusing theory on slashdot that I thought I'd share:

"You can only spend so many millenia making bad things happen to the Jews before it gets boring. Linux users are now the new 'Chosen People'." - ameoba [sic]


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