Tuesday, January 27, 2004

No, Really...

I watched the second installment of "My Big Fat Obnoxious fiancee" yesterday and it continues to entertain. The Fiancee, Steve, reminds me a bit of Stu playing Richard; the vicious glee with which he manipulates this poor girl (call me Randy, I'm the most self-less boyfriend in the world, just ask Jules!) into nigh-dementia is breathtaking. My only fear is that America will be turned off because he's really making her hurt quite a bit, and if the ratings drop because they don't feel like watching psychological torture the show will be canceled.

Which raises an interesting question; how far can they go before that threshold of distaste is reached? Further, how much does the $1,000,000 prize justify what they are doing to her? I get a guilty kick out of watching the show but when she goes from bemused to miserable it makes me a little uncomfortable. Do the executive producers feel the same way or are they amoral hyenas jockeying for ratings sans concern for their pretty subject?

And perhaps the most disturbing question, would I even care enough about the moral implications to write a post like this if she wasn't stunningly beautiful?

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