Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ad Nauseum

I keep hearing the same cycle of arguments over and over and over from political pundits and government types and it's driving me insane. It sounds like this:

Liberal: Bush Lied!
NeoCon: The World is Better Without Saddam!
Liberal: We Went There For the Oil!
NeoCon: We went there to Stop Terrorism!
Liberal: Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11!
NeoCon: You are a Traitor!

The bottom line is that to conservatives, the ends almost always justify the means. To liberals, they almost never do. The conservatives cannot distinguish between an accusation that Bush, his administration, the upper echelons of the intelligence community, or some confluence thereof conspired to misrepresent the intelligence and sell a war on false pretences, and an implication that the result of the war is terrible. To them they are one and the same - without deceiving the sheep-like masses the war could never have happened. Well, no. Bush could have appealed on humanitarian grounds then (instead of backtracking now in a patently false and unbelievable way) and he could have told us Saddam had torture chambers and death camps and I bet you most of the college students who were protesting against the war would have been protesting against Saddam and cheering on our boys Over There.

The liberals, on the other hand, seem to think that no war would have been better despite the freedom from oppression, torture, and death we have given the Iraqi people. To all these hardcore party politickers I say pull your heads out of your asses and come to some sensible common ground. Obviously massive tax cuts and increased spending are the opposite of fiscal responsibility, but so is taxing the bejesus out of the wealthy to fund research into the emotional state of wolves during mating in northern Canada and throwing money at welfare and healthcare without revising those systems from the ground up.

America is rapidly declining into a bitter contest of political and corporate one-upsmanship which will result, if we aren't careful, in America going the way of the Roman empire in the next 100 years; the excess and debauchery of the mega-rich and mega-corrupt will turn this country into a mockery and a sham if we aren't careful. And part of being careful is listening to the most reasonable parts of the other guy's point of view.

Conservatives - Bush Lied! It doesn't matter that it turned out ok. He still lied, and that's not what American Presidents are supposed to do.

Liberals - Wake up! We set an example with Iraq that gave pause to those who support terrorism from the Middle East, and at the same time deposed a brutal dictator who was murdering millions of his people.

France - You better hope and pray nobody starts a war with you in the next 10 years because Americans are going to say 'fuck those french bastards'. Sorry, I couldn't help taking a shot at France. Their politicians are such dicks. Most of 'em, anyway.

Get over yourselves, People Running The Country, stop sniping and mudslinging, and start getting back to the process of running our country with some measure of efficiency and decorum. Getting re-elected is NOT more important than doing what is absolutely best for the country. If you truly subscribe to that philosophy you will get more done in your first term than most do across their whole careful career. Oh yes, one more thing; please explain what "decorum" is to the President, just in case.

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