Sunday, October 17, 2004

Vegas Pics

As promised, here are the Vegas pics. About 2/3rds of these are from Erin.

Waiting in the airport for Erin, who missed her flight:

After arriving, Erin gets off to a good, illegal start:

The desert is truly beautiful:

Dads #1 and #2 drive us into the Luxor parking lot:

Lee's Birthday Crown:


Stu accessorizes:

ANUBIS! ... You had to be there, I guess:

Lee stuffs her face at Aladdin's sumptuous buffet feast:

The ever bashful Benjamin Lynne Riggs:

I still think I should have bought these:

Later that night, Ben and I continued where Erin had left off:

At this point we were all too drunk to take pictures, so there is a marked lack of documentation. I here skip to the following morning.

I will very carefully refrain from making any comment about the next three images except to plead for my life for having posted them on the grounds that I am an impartial documentarian:

We made a serious mess of our suite:

This is Sunday morning and I haven't lost all my money yet, so I bought bagels and orange juice for everyone:

Take that!, maids:

And that!:

Lee takes a quick nap before returning to the Strip:

Caesar's Palace takes itself a little too seriously:


And, because I couldn't resist, a few shots of Casper:

Isn't he cute?:

Well, that wraps it up for Vegas pics. Stay tuned for the coming weeks when I will talk about stuff!

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