Monday, October 04, 2004

Take A Look, It's In A Book, A Reading Rainbow!

Fun weekend :)

I picked up mom at the airport and let Casper out of his kitty taxi. He roamed around the cabin for the next hour as we drove down to Lake Forest to visit my aunt and uncle (my mom's brother Colin). Connie, as always made a delicious dinner and as it was late we collapsed into bed.

The next day I played 9 holes of golf with Colin and David, his son and another of my numerous cousins. I had fun; I'm a crappy golfer but every now and then I get a few nice shots in. I hit one drive about 275, which they were impressed with and so was I.

Later that evening we drove into Chicago for dinner and drinks and got into a heated political discussion, ruining several nearby parties' evenings. (Colin is a staunch Republican and he was sitting at a table with 3 Democratic women, his son who is moderate, and me, a Libertarian. It got loud.) Sunday morning we drove back to Milwaukee and had a leisurely day of not doing much, and this morning while I'm at work I'm sure Mom is doing mom like things for me, like cleaning my sink and doing my laundry. Ain't she sweet? When her mind finally goes I'll make sure to put her in the best home money can buy. (Just kidding, mom. I'm foisting you off on Royale.)

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