Sunday, October 10, 2004

He's On Fire!!!

Oh my god, yesterday was amazing.

So we got up and drove to Vegas, a relatively uneventful trip made enjoyable by much jocular cameraderie. We stopped at Carl's Jr. on the way and I got a 6-Dollar Burger, which was, of course, great. We also consumed many bags of Sun Chips and much soda. We arrived in Vegas at around 1:30 but couldn't check into our fabulous suite at the Fairfield until 4, so we parked at the Luxor and went in to start gambling.

Well, this is where Jordan's Day Of Awesomeness really took off.

After Erin and I both won about a hundred bucks at the Luxor playing roulette, we checked into the hotel and hung around for a while before deciding to go to Aladdin for their buffet, which was rated best in Las Vegas last year and was very good. Worth every obscenely overpriced penny. While everyone was waiting in line for the buffet I ran over to the roulette table and won another 20 bucks. After dinner I won another c-note.

So now I'm up 220, I'm feeling great, I've had a few drinks and bought a few more for my friends. We met up and Stu and Ben and Erin wanted to play some blackjack, but the Aladdin had just upped the table limits to 10 dollars, which is standard for Saturday night, so we went in search of 5 dollar tables at another casino.

We walked past the Bellagio, which ooozes class and which I really want to go check out before we drive back to LA tonight. The coordinated fountains outside are really something special. We kept walking down the strip and ended up at the Barbary Coast and I watched Stu and Erin play blackjack for a while until I got bored, so I sat down at Erin's table and bought 40 dollars worth of chips.

I got 2 natural blackjacks and 3 regular blackjacks. I cashed out at $260. Erin also won another 150 bucks.

We went back to the suite, laden with alcohol, and played lots of fun drinking games until I passed out at around 1am, which I am sure I will be teased for once everyone else wakes up. It's currently 8:30am here - I woke up about an hour ago and wandered around until I found the hotel's internet cafe. So anyway, yeah, I'm up 400 bucks so far and lord only knows what will happen today before we go home but one thing is for sure -


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