Saturday, October 09, 2004

My Mouth Tastes Like Bad

Arrived in LAX yesterday with no troubles, but Wilson missed her flight so she didn't get in till 11:30pm. Since Sara Brady arrived at9ish and Stu didn't want to go back to his apartment and do another round trip to the airport, we went to IHOP for some dinner and chatting. Lee ordered eggs benedict and nearly vomited - the Hollandaise "Sauce" looked like yellow slime from a bucket and she said it tasted like sour cum.

(Aside to the Bent: I replied "So if you mixed it with peanut butter it would taste like those chocolates your mom got us?" Much amusement ensued.)

Finally picked up Wilson, went home and drank some whiskey. Stayed up whispering in the dark for several hours. Got very little sleep - heading out for Vegas in half an hour. If our suite is connected, expect more updates as the weekend ensues. I'm also trying to take pictures but the female contingent is very hostile.

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