Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Mikey's Favorite TV Segment From Conan Was Mr. T Picking Apples


I picked up the deluxe 2-disc remastering of the Blue Album yesterday and it's kicking my ass. The channels are crystal clear (you can hear the picking on the acoustic sections) and I had forgotten how awesome the vocals in Holiday and Surf Wax America were. In The Garage has always been something of an anthem for the dorkier D&D side of my personality and My Name Is Jonas has this great faux-rage that lights a fire under me. I'm sitting in my cubicle silently headbanging away, and the 2nd disc is full of rare and unreleased gems. If you haven't picked this edition up, it's worth the investment.

In other music news, looking for the Tennenbaum's soundtrack, and listening to RJD2's The Horror. Avril's new album is not as good as Let Go.

I'm undecided as to whether or not to pick up the Velvet Revolver album - I heard it was shittily mixed and that Weiland's voice (the basic draw for me, a long-time STP fan) is drowned out by generic rythm guitar. Has anyone listened to it yet?

But mostly just rocking out to the Blue Album.

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