Friday, September 03, 2004

Super Happy Fun-Time Japanese-style Bonus Post +!!!!

Please do not put the post in the mouth of the danger causing.

Logitech's new wireless xbox controller is engineering magic. I love this controller. First of all the ergonomics are wonderful - imagine a slightly thinner more svelt controller-s with elongated handles - putting the white and black buttons at thumbable distance. Also it has toggleable rumble - with 50hours of moderate rumblage on 2 AA's. Also, it has NO ON SWITCH. It's just always on, it auto-sleeps after 5 minutes of inactivity and comes back on instantly at the press of the button.

Finally, there's no channels like on the wavebird. I read up on this - each controller/reciever pair has a 128 bit signature that it broadcasts. After handshaking a connection on the default channel (the packets are signed so that if you're using multiple wireless controllers each reciever can select out the packets designated to it) a random channel is chosen on the fly. Collision detection is just choosing a new channel. This controller is fucking awesome - pick one up today.

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