Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's Been A While...

Well I just got out of the tub after 2 hours reading essays on Angel courtesy of the delightful Sara Brady and I decided that Royale was right, it was long past due for me to update this blog. So what have I been up to for the past 3 weeks?

Week 1: Was violently ill Friday and Saturday, with my fever spiking at 102. Had to go in to the office all day Sunday (still not in top form, but past the worst) to make up for Friday. Spent the rest of the week going through more toilet paper than a 13 year old vandal on Halloween.

Week 2: Mostly recovered (mostly) I embark on a very interesting work week. We begin our experiment of working off-site at a nearby consultant's firm from which we are leasing office space for our 5 man development team, and we discover that GASP! our efficiency skyrockets without office politics *cough cough bullshit cough* getting in our way. Additional bonus: new location is a good 3 blocks closer to my apartment. Negation of bonus: Nearest decent cup of coffee is 4 blocks out of my way.

Week 3: Continuing our offsite development, we make good progress. In particular I deliver a fully functional zip code resolution service for which the code is snatched away by 2 other massive projects back at the home office because it is so tasty and delicious. I begin working on a message queueing solution and deliver an initial design, after which I am ripped away to begin work tomorrow morning on something else of higher priority. The team visits Krispy Kreme and we all wear paper Krispy Hats on our heads as we sit in silence furiously typing away. We name our development iterations Plain, Frosted and Glazed. Project Codename: Baker's Dozen.

Last night I went to break the fast (haha, I didn't fast! ... I'm a bad Jew.) at Felicia Styler's place, where I promptly abandoned the adults and spent 4 hours playing variations on tag with the 8 children ages 2-13 who had been dragged along. Great fun was had by all, and the night culminated with me teaching them how to play manhunt.

Mom is coming for a visit next weekend so I guess at some point I have to spruce the place up a bit. Then again, you know my motto. Never do today what you can procrastinate until the last minute! (Is procrastinate a verb?) Of course there is a corollary: Never procrastinate today what you can get fired for not having done tomorrow. Hence the original maxim is suspended at work. BUT I think I'll manage to get my blogging back on a semi-regular schedule; after all I don't want to be Stuish.

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