Thursday, April 22, 2004

Something Just Occured

Where are all the anti-semitic hate crimes caused by Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ?

Now look, I'm jewish, and I understand that there is anti-semitism in America. But as I said when the jewish establishment was up in arms over this movie, dumb people who see the movie will remain dumb, and rational people will remain rational. Anti-semites don't need a movie to hate jews. They just do.

Note that there has been no "uh, yeah, we were wrong about that, we guess most Christians are nice folks" from the JDL, ADL, B'nai Brith or the mass media.

Can you even imagine Tom Brokaw doing a segment on how anti-semitism didn't explode after the release of the movie? Never in a million years.

This country is too busy being xenophobic to deal with the fact that most of its fears are completely unfounded. Cases in point: the myth of the angry black man, gay marriage, breasts.

One more thought on the breasts issue: Any boy old enough to know that seeing a breast is naughty has a dirty magazine in his room, as did his ultra-conservative right-wing father at one point in his life. He has the same chance as his father to turn into a functional, productive member of society. Any child too young to know better will not be emotionally scarred by seeing a breast because he was eating one a few years ago.

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