Monday, April 12, 2004

I've Got You Babe

I'm a little disturbed by how much I enjoyed the "Nick & Jessica" variety hour last night. I mean, newlyweds is hysterical, but a variety show?

I think the single best thing the special had going for it was its pacing. No segment lasted more than 3 minutes and they came rapid fire due to the miracle of modern editing. However, I wonder if anyone else felt the same spooky chill I did when Nick and Jessica paid homage to the original married variety show hosts, Sonny & Cher, by singing their signature number. I mean, first of all here's a happy couple singing the same song that that other happy couple sang when they were deliriously in love, until they split up that is. Talk about a shadow over your marriage. And another thing that worries me is, is Nick Lachey going to be a Congressman? Even more disturbing, on last week's episode of Newlyweds Nick demonstrated what a horrible skier he was. If I were the two of them I'd want to get as far away from the curse of Sonny and Cher as possible.

Still, you can't deny their raw talent. I particularly enjoyed Jessica and Kenny Loggins duet. I wish Jessica didn't make such stupid faces when she's singing though.

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