Thursday, April 22, 2004

Quickie v2.0

Couple things -

First off, new title graphic. I need to remake it with a better pick of myself, since the lighting was horrible and I look like a jaundiced Umpa-Loompa. Secondly, the vending machine in the cafeteria is now stocked with kettle cooked mesquite barbeque chips so my snack life has achieved nirvana. If only I had some chocolate milk...

3rd, South Park continues to push the boundaries of hilarity. I don't know if anyone watched last night but Michael Jackson moves to SP with his son, and at one point tries to cheer him up by playing "got your nose!" At first Blanket is indeed cheerified, until he tries to play too and actually pulls Michael's nose out of his face...

For the few of you who are tech-minded and know about the SCO bullshit that's been going on for the past year, and for the majority of you who aren't but who enjoy poop humor, read this immediately.

Peace out!

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