Thursday, December 18, 2003


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the holidays. It's a time of gift-giving and bonuses, family and food. And to start the season right, may I suggest that you go read about the real cost of Christmas.

But seriously folks, what kind of an update would it be if I didn't bore you all with tales of work. I have recently been given a whole host of new responsibilities, which makes me excited for the future. Basically my company and 2 of its sister companies are implementing a new time management / project management system. That means that everybody enters their timesheets for the week on this system and it automatically collates the data, presents interesting pie charts to the CEO and the rest of Mahogany Row, and manages workflows for projects.

Why does Jordi find this exciting? Because he's been tasked as the administrator of the entire system. That's right folks, the majority of the company's day-to-day operations data is in my hands, and the only limiting factor of all the power they've given me is the knowledge that even briefly contemplating abusing said power would probably get me fired. Still, it's a lot of responsibility and my greedy heart is telling me if I play my cards right, in a few months perhaps I might get a small raise. Here's hoping my manager doesn't read this and see what a cretin I am...

Next: to Jer and Lee I must post this link:

Speaking of TMBG, I've noticed that the Simpson's is having a really good streak of episodes right now, followed by the sublime and hilarious Malcolm. I'm also enjoying Bob Odenkirk's cameo role on "Arrested Development"; seeing him and David Cross fucking around like they own the series despite being bit players and bringing all their subtle humor into a show which otherwise repeatedly whacks its viewers with the Comedy Stick is extremely satisfying. For those of you wondering how TMBG leads to this sentence, they wrote the theme song for Malcolm. Also Jer, I think you and I both know that the full title of the Comedy Stick is The Comedy Stick of Compassion.

Ok lastly, something that's been on my mind is the following: I have been watching Chobits recently and, being the Love Hina and Maison Ikkoku fan that I am, I had a minor revelation that all shonen hotel animes have certain requisite episodes. My initial list:

1. Intro Episode - First of all, the lead character is introduced as a scruffy virgin who's clumsy, none-too-bright, easily embarrassed, and a ronin. Also, 9 times out of 10 something happened in his childhood that he doesn't accurately remember. For some reason this person is now living at a hotel with about 6 gorgeous women and possibly one other male, but usually it's just him.

2. The Let's All Go To The Beach episode - self-explanatory. Usually occurs mid-season when the characters are on summer break. Typically includes LOTS of fan service.

3. The Let's All Clean Up! episode - I do not believe I have seen a single anime in which there was not at least one person pushing a small white towel across a wooden floor while wearing a dew-rag, barefoot.

4. The Let's All Go To The Baths episode - Whaaaa? An incredible series of events leads to the lead accidentally seeing the girls naked? That's un-possible!

5. The Let's Be Sad In The Rain episode - Someone inevitable runs away and it starts raining. Usually the lead (who has a heart of gold, you see) stays out long after everyone gives up. The best part of this cliche is that he ALWAYS FINDS HER AT THE PLAYGROUND. Seriously, if this ever happens to me, I'll be like "Wait for it to rain and head to the swings dude."

6. The Aah! A Ghost! episode - Someone tells a scary story and suddenly the younger girls are running around screeching about a ghost. But, it turns out it was just a cute animal!

7. The Summer Festival episode - excuse to put the girls in Kimonos.

8. The Christmas episode - everyone gets dressed up in christmas clothes and the lead gets super-embarrassed over trying to give a gift to the girl he loves.

9. The finale - very little is resolved and the series is left open for a sequel which will never happen ( so we get an OVA instead ).

Leave additional suggestions in the comments section :)

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