Friday, December 19, 2003

Anime Update

I got further into Ai Yori Aoshi last night. For those interested, get bitTorrent and head over to Kickass Anime. Thoughts: it's much more mature than typical hotel anime (although it retains the light-hearted air of embarrasment comedy). The characters are in their 20's instead of ~16, and the internal monologues seems less far-fetched and more relatable. I can actually imagine myself in some (some) of the situations.

There's one thing detracting from my enjoyment however, which is that one of the main musical themes is very similar to a song from "Run Ronnie Run". So every time Kaoru and Aoi-chan hug, this theme plays, and all I can hear is David Cross singing "Y'all are brutalizing me... y'all are bru-ta-li-zin'.... ME!!!!"

By the way, since my computer crashed I need everyone's email / snail-mail address to send XmaKa cards and candy. (XmaKa © 2003 Nizani Industries, Ltd.)

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