Thursday, September 25, 2003

Thursday Is Closer To Friday Than Wednesday

So the backend part of my application finally got to the point where I can use it, so I'm reworking all my code to use it. Also, a whole shitstorm of new requirements and verbiage came down from on high, so for the first time this week I'm really busy and its wonderful. It's already 1 o'clock and it feels like I just finished my morning coffee.

Anyway, I finally went back to the gym yesterday, ran a couple miles and bouldered for a bit. It was nice, but I need to get some real climbing shoes. My sneakers are falling apart and even in pristine condition are too clumsy to use for climbing.

With regards to politics, I'm looking forward to this afternoon's dnc presidential primary, although I won't be able to watch it until 8pm since I will be at work during the debate. Here's a couple questions I'd like to hear answered:

1) Most of the candidates have a lot of criticism for the Bush administration and the right in general. The American public is suffering due to the counter-productive bickering between extremely partisan politicians. As president, what would you do to counter this habit of accusation vs cooperation and foster bi-partisanship in the Congress?

2) For General Clark: In your recently published $100bn plan to bolster the economy, you set aside $40bn over two years to create new jobs. What happens to those jobs in 2 years when the money gets reappropriated?

I'll post more questions as I think of em. I doubt they will be answered, but it gets my brain working anyway.

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