Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Links Roundup

1. Virginia Postrel has some interesting commentary on a New York Times article (free reg required) about entitlement mentality in Boca Raton. It seems that part of the reason Medicare has skyrocketed out of control is that seniors in Florida are visiting doctors, internists, and specialists every day as part of their community lifestyle. Postrel notes:

'They're not doing anything wrong, of course, just using the system as it was designed. Give people a valuable good for free, and they'll consume lots of it, especially if they have lots of time on their hands. '

2. Retired General Wesley Clark will announce his bid for president. I like this guy. It remains to be seen how he will hold up in a debate, but I saw him on Bill Mahr the other day and he seemed very composed and articulate. Also, he must prove that his lack of political experience does not make him less of a candidate. I look forward to hearing his views on foreign and domestic policy in general, and Iraq and the economy in particular. Lots of pundits have said this election will be won on jobs; how does Clark propose to make some?

3. A joint Israeli-European medical team has developed a "sperm-washing" technique which would allow HIV positive men to father an artificially-inseminated child without passing on the dieases. From the article:
The success of the treatment has prompted American doctors to urge for FDA approval for the procedure to be administered in the U.S. According to statistics, there are thousands of couples in the U.S. in which the husband is an HIV carrier.

4. Ruy Teixeira reports that a poll for the House GOP conference gives Bush Jr. a 49% approval rating. Hey, isn't that the same percent of the popular vote he got in 2000?

5. Finally, Calpundit has an interesting interview with Paul Krugman. Krugman is kind of a weirdo and a little paranoid, but in the particular case of the Bush administration's conspiracy to defraud the american people he has documented hundreds of cases of Bush telling blatant lies, and then for some inexplicable reason never getting called on them.

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