Friday, September 05, 2003

I joined the downtown YMCA, which is about 2 blocks from my apartment. The coolest thing about it is that MWF they have rock climing on 6 30 foot walls, and 3 inclined free-form boulders. I am so addicted to this sport. For one thing, I love climbing. For another, it gets my hard racing (cardio) and strengthens my muscles at the same time. I also met a bunch of cool people in the climbing room, and spent about 2 hours there this afternoon.

The gym is very nice, lots of new equipment and headphone jacks so you can watch CNN, ESPN, A&E, or CNBC. There's also lots of cute girls there but most of them are WMI chicks (local university) and most of them seem like high-maintenance women, which I'm not into right now.

My Aunt Chickie is getting me a ticket to Rosh Hashana (jewish new year, for the non-tribals) at the Temple and has also promised to send me the phone number of a young lady who is active in local theater. I am determined not to wait 2 years before meeting Lee, or her equivalent here in the mid-west, and thereby joining the theater group and making friends. There's no time like the present! I really ought to disconnect my cable though....

My cousin Annie had to go to the emergency room last night. A few months ago she was on chemotherapy and last night part of the catheter port in her arm broke off and passed into her lung. They had to take her in immediately, but fortunately she has recovered and is resting in her apartment, Mom and Dad in situ.

On other medical fronts, Ben's father is doing just fine; he was supposed to have a stroke, but did not, and is grouchy and surly ( a good sign, according to BLR.)

Love to all! - Jordi Out.

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