Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reversed Priorities

Everyone at my new job takes really long luches and Friday afternoons off. The only exception to this rule is when they haven't finished their work for the week. At my last job, it didn't matter how efficient you were or if you were performing to the top of your ability. You still had to put in 8.5 hours a day no matter how mind-numbingly bored and useless you were. This was the thing I hated most about that job.

At this new job, as long as you get your work done you are golden. This attitude does not just flow from my co-workers, but from my boss, the CIO. Curious about my boundaries, I mentioned to him at lunch today that "Nobody seemed to mind that I took off at 3:30 yesterday." He replied "You finished up what you were working on?" Me - "Yep." Him - "Well then."

And then we proceeded to have a nice chat about database merging.

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