Monday, July 19, 2004


"Who said there are no WMDs in Iraq? The most dangerous WMD exists and the American troops captured it. It’s the weapon that exterminated five million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands from our neighbors impoverished, detained and tortured. Saddam Hussain is the WMD in Iraq. Isn’t a weapon with such capabilities worth to go for a war to (disarm it)? Saving twenty million people from that weapon, isn’t that worth the effort?" Hasan Al-Shammari-Baghdad.

I read Iraqthemodel pretty much every day. It's run by 3 iraqi brothers, one of whom is a doctor. It is absolutely fascinating and never fails to report stories the big media don't care about, and it always gives me something to think about. If you are conflicted about the Iraq war, read this site. Regardless of the justifications given by the Bush and Blair administrations, faulty intelligence, whatever; after reading this site you will understand why this war was absolutely necessary and just.

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