Monday, July 26, 2004

Cool Stuff That Happened

Like my imaginative title?

Anyway last Tuesday Royale and her boyfriend Chris were in town so I took the day off work to hang out with them. It was a fun day, we started off by going to Kopps for cheeseburgers and milkshakes, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Then I took them both to Potawatami for their first gambling experience - Chris broke even and Royale and I both came out 50 bucks up.

Lee - you'll no doubt be amused to know that I was 50 bucks down and made my winnings by dropping a c-note on red, just like in Vegas :)

After that we went to a barbecue at the Steinberger's house on Lake Drive, where much tasty meat was eaten. Annie was there, looking good, and a bunch of the kids were there too. I got to engage in a little pyromania because Chickie (my aunt) had bought a bunch of sparklers and fireworks for the kids.

Over the weekend me and the Riggs got together to see Napoleon Dynamite. I enjoyed myself but had some reservations about the piece. It struck me as mostly an ambiance piece, more about mood and theme than plot per se, as nothing really happened. The timing was kind of long in some places, and then there were 20 second shorts that were pure brilliance. It also reminded me of Andy Kauffman in that I got the impression that a lot of what happened in the film was more for the ensemble's amusement than that of the audience. In any case, I look forward to the filmmakers next work.

Ben also mentioned that he might be starting a tabletop game on alternate mondays, so you might be getting some über-geekiness from me in the near future about saving rolls and congress authorizing me to grant myself charisma+5 (hail bush!).

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