Saturday, February 07, 2004

Liberal Rant

If marriage is sanctified, then it is religious and cannot be regulated by the government, as set forth in the Constitution under separation of church and state. Adding an amendment stating that legal marriage means adherence to the religious view of marriage would introduce a fundamental inconsistency into that document, which is the very foundation of our nation.

If it is a legal issue, then to add a Constitutional amendment stating that marriage is defined as the union of man and woman only would be to introduce an even more fundamental flaw in the fabric of the Constitution, for to say that gay and lesbian human beings do not feel love as we do, or cannot, or do not deserve the same benefits thereof, is to contradict the statement that all men are created equal.

Neither of these scenarios is acceptable for the future of this country, and until the people who fear an increasingly gay-friendly America either wake up or die off, there will be a dangerous undercurrent of unrest adding to the already strained social tension of this nation. Why can't these goddamn people grok the concept that the only life they are allowed to live is their own?

Despite all the clever rhetoric, it all comes back to which version of the bible they read. It's a different kind of fundamentalism but it's just as bad in a different way.

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