Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm Curious

Do girls enforce the Buffer Rule in the restroom?

I suppose I should preface that by asking whether girls even know about the Buffer Rule.

The Buffer Rule states that when sharing a restroom with another person, a male shall always endeavor whenever possible to keep a buffer between himself and the other person.

So if there are 3 urinals and one guy is on the right-most, the newcomer will almost invariably use the left-most. It is acceptable to use the middle urinal only in the case where the other two are taken.

The corollary to the Buffer Rule is that if you are the first one in a bathroom, you always use an "edge" urinal so that if some other person comes in during your pee, they will not be forced to break the Rule.

Some guys enforce the rule so adamantly that unless there is a long line (like at a football game) they will fuck around and primp their hair or something until a buffered urinal becomes available.

The Rule is not as strictly enforced when dropping the kids off at the pool, especially around 9:30am; however it's generally agreed that when a buffer is available it will be used.

So, do girls know about / follow the tennets of the Buffer Rule?

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