Monday, December 03, 2007

Immortal Man Entombed!

The Immortal Man is punished by his enemy with entombment at the bottom of a thousand foot grave.

Millennia pass until he is discovered by sonar during an exploratory drill. When dug up, he is sane and lucid. His discoverers are shocked, and have many questions, one of which is how he avoided losing his mind after centuries of hunger, thirst, and captivity.

He replies "After the first few centuries the madness began to be interrupted by brief periods of total lucidity. In one of those rare moments I learned how to control my brain. Rewrite my software, if you like. I went to sleep and had it calculate and memorize pi for a few trillion decimals until you woke me up."

^ The above dialog spawned in my head while watching Heroes and wondering how I would do away with Adam Monroe.

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