Sunday, May 01, 2005

Let The Adventure Begin


It's Sunday morning at 7:30 am. I haven't been up this early in 2 weeks, since I left my job as a Software Engineer (fancy upper case letters and all) at Assurant Health. I'm sitting at my Uncle's computer in Lake Forest, IL, 30 minutes from departure on a 5 day road trip to Studio City, CA where I have no idea what awaits me other than a tiny israeli and a grumpy but loveable film snob.

We're headed to Missouri tonight, with stops in Texas, Arizona, Vegas, and finally Studio City late Thursday. Colin is helping me drive, for which I am very grateful and will probably be purchasing some very old single-malt scotch as a thank you. The car is packed to the brim, but even so I had to trash about 80% of my belongings, knowing that it would be cheaper to purchase clones on the west coast than have them shipped.

Anyway, wish me luck. 5 days in the car with a hardcore republican == I need some :P

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