Friday, May 13, 2005

Am I Deeply Ambivalent? Well, I Am And I'm Not

So, update goodness ensues. I have updated the blogroll to strike Rheri since her blog has disappeared, and also the Jolly Fat Man that was my previous co-worked because he hasn't updated in 4 months.

However to counter-balance these negative actions, I have taken steps in the positive direction. New to the blogroll is Alana, an acquaintance of mine through Troupe people who impressed me earlier this year in Lost In Yonkers, and who I will now endeavor, through the magic of the internets, to make into a friend. Joining her is Dan Powers, Enemy Of Shrubbery and one of my favorite Boot-N-Rally pals. I have heard rumors he might be joining Troupe West - prepare the french maid outfit, and the shots of Jäger! Third up is Bugster, making a triumphant return to the blogroll because I can't remember why she was ever not there. I mean, who else do I have to chat with about remaining neo-sober? Carina? She's way too busy LARPing. Fourth is Sara Fernandez, who was an underclassman of mine that I reconnected with in Boston back in March, and who's awesomeness continues to shine. And finally, my dear friend Amber, who resurfaced from oblivion yesterday. Apparently she has been in Ghana, and then Connecticut. Both are foreign landscapes with bizarre social customs.

Note that I have also updated my reading list - I hope to be a bit more current with that in future. I suppose I should also have updated my South Park persona, but actually he fits, at the moment.

Last night was exceptionally pleasant. Myself, Longino, Stulee, and C. Shriner went to Universal City for dinner. We started off with calamari, Lee and I shared sausage, broccoli and mashed potatoes, and finished with "chocolate on tap", a desert which is as delicious as it sounds. I also had 2 very nice pints of a sweet pilsner to wash it all down with. On the whole, an excellent meal, in great company.

I think I will have some breakfast in front of the TV, go for a run, and get back to cold-calling job listings looking for work.

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