Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Why I Will Always Beat Lee

Here's the problem with excelling at extreme laziness and procrastination combined with absentmindedness:

I wanted a pork chop but couldn't deal with the effort of separating one off of the frozen meatblock I pulled from my freezer. So I threw all four frozen-together chops on the Foreman and grilled 'em up, planning to eat two and put the other two in the fridge for tomorrow.

When they were done, I couldn't be bothered to put them in a ziplock right away, so I just stacked all four pork chops on my plate, planning to eat the top two and put the other two away at some vague point in the future.

Some time later I looked down and all 4 pork chops were gone.

I didn't clean the Foreman yet, either, Stu.

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