Friday, March 28, 2008

What could possibly go wrong?

One of my favorite ways to burn a few minutes is to find an interesting tag on Slashdot and look at all of the posts thus tagged.

A funny one today:


China to Use Silver Iodide & Dry Ice to Control the Weather
'Friendly' Worms Could Spread Software Fixes
Laser Light Re-creates 'Black Holes' in the Lab
Large Hadron Collider Sparks 'Doomsday' Lawsuit
Artificial Intelligence at Human Level by 2029?
Doctors To Control Robot Surgeon With Their Eyes
One Computer to Rule Them All
US Plans "Disposable" Nuclear Batteries
Artificial Bases Added to DNA
A Virus that Attacks Brain Cancer
Customer Loses Xbox 360 Artwork During Repair
Anti-Missile Technology To Be Tested on Commercial Jets
Dutch Unveil Robot Gas Station Attendant
Vista Service Pack 1 Is Out
Researchers Develop Self-Cleaning Clothes
NASA Plans to Smash Spacecraft into the Moon
US To Shoot Down Dying Satellite
A Robotic Taxi Named robuCAB
New Lock Aims To End Chip Piracy
GM Says Driverless Cars Will Be Ready By 2018
Manmade Flood to Nourish Grand Canyon Ecosystem

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