Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Education & Globalisation

The medium to long term effects of the global market are inevitable.

1) Over the next hundred years or so, America's manufacturing base will essentially disappear as maintaining our wealth and lifestyle will demand a complete shift to service based economies.

2) By 2300, if America still exists, it will be competing in those same service industries with virtually every other country on the planet. Today's Internet will seem a clunky toy in comparison with the Net of the 2300's, and at least 95% of global commerce will occur on it. Petabit home connections will be the norm in what are today's first world countries; even the poorest nations will have gigabit fiber optic connections. There will be approximately 1000 processors per human being in use on the planet at any given moment, and the single most important factor deciding which country will maintain a monopoly on power and wealth will be the education level of its citizens, as well as their adaptability to the technology curve.

It is imperative that we maintain the best education standards in the world for every single child in this country not only because compassion and civic duty compel us to, but because the long term interest of the country demands it. By this age I have no idea if America will remain in its current form - in fact I highly doubt it. If America's ideals, however, are to remain, it will only be because our nation led by example.

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