Thursday, December 01, 2005

Arigato no Koto!*

So thanksgiving happened, and I think everyone who reads this blog was there so I will avoid the detailed recap; however just in case -

Edub made like 3210782 tons of food, the rental people delivered the table 4 hours late, Sam brined the turkey, which I carved (and later he ate approximately 2.3 pies), fun was had by all, and after I dropped the rents off at the airport hotel I returned home for the emergence of drunk Jordi and the accompanying blackout. Apparently I can't hold my liquor... who knew?

On Friday the family and I drove out to Palm Springs, average age one foot in the grave, and enjoyed the dry heat. Played 18 holes with Dad on Saturday, ate delicious steak dinner, and went to the Palm Springs Follies. If you don't know what they are, check out, but the short description is 60-80 year old cast members in a jingoistic but enjoyable USO-style review, complete with Long-Legged Lovelies kicking their legs up and grinning their teeth off.

Thanks for coming everyone!

*Japanese for "Time for thanks"

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