Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Book Meme and Gramma RoRo

Royale drove across the country with her friend Liz last week and ended up at my place. I paid some of my air mattress karma forward and had a fun evening with the girls - I took the two of them and my roommate-pro-tem Monica out for dinner and drinks on the Marina, followed by a trip to Ralph's to pick up some Apple Pie and Vanilla ice cream (Hey, it's no stone-n-shop but still).

Then we went back to the apartment and listened to tunes and chatted for a few hours until the girls got tired and went to sleep. Somewhere during the conversation I informed Royale that I would be instructing her grandchildren to call her "Gramma RoRo" which infuriated her and amused me. There was also playback of a hand-held tape recorded journey through a thunderstorm... which Royale hysterically recorded in a shrieking british faux Julia Childs accent to much comedic effect.

The next morning they took off for San Diego and left me to a lazy afternoon of reading. I have a big "now reading" update coming up because I'm about to polish off A Song of Ice And Fire and then I'm starting Shogun.

Now for the book meme:

You're Ender's Game!

by Orson Scott Card

To you, most everything is a game. It's summertime, and the living's
easy. Even when there's a war on, it's just a game to you. But even though you've
historically been able to meet every challenge, there are some doubts about what lies
ahead. Are you sure you're up to the next test? Don't forget to pay attention to your

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