Monday, March 28, 2005

Quick Joke

Ok so I know the promised WTFPWNED update hasn't arrived yet, but a coworker just told me a great joke that I want to remember so here goes.

One day two old jewish men were walking down the street in chinatown when they noticed a chinese restaurant called "Hiyam Rabinowitz' Wok." Curious about a jewish chinese restaurant and wondering if it served kosher food, they went in. Inside, they saw all chinese people, and the restaurant was decorated with chinese scrolls, silk wall hangings, dragons, etc. In fact, nobody even spoke english!

The old men were so curious that they went into the kitchen looking for the owner. They found an old man in a chef's hat lording over a staff of workers who, to their amazement, referred to him as "Rabinowitz". When they asked him about his name, in garbled english he replied "Prease wait. I get son. He speak good."

Rabinowitz' son came out and explained. "Oh, well you see my father passed through Ellis Island at the beginning of the century. The name his mother gave him was Saim Sing."

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