Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Editing My Seratonin Levels

I am preparing to, at some unspecified point in the future, addict myself (as must inevitably be the case) to World of Warcraft.

I stopped playing FFXI about 4 months ago, because I was sick of killing myself 40 hours a week to grind up one level and have enough gil to afford a leather strap for my left gauntlet. I have heard tell that WoW is much more rewarding, and Blizzard has always made enjoyable games in the past. Essentially I'm waiting for Gabe and Tycho to tell me that the technical issues have been mostly resolved, at which point I will grab a copy of the game and freebase some Night Elves or some shit.

If you currently play the game, please leave a comment indicating which server you're on. I'm guessing this will be a Jeremy-only deal, but you never know. When I do finally get into the game, the server I join will be a benediction from on high, declaring that person to whose server I shed my Grace, to be higher on my top ten bff's list than all others. Make offerings unto the altar of me.

*disclaimer: all affronts to God in this post are intended ironically

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