Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Stolen from wmetoile

1. you know the person you stole this from how exactly?
I met sarah during Bahstahn Reunion #1 of the current year when crashing on the Enforcer's couch.
2. top three current obsessions:
Final Fantasy XI, Jennifer Garner, Casper
3. if you had to only eat one snack food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Snack food, eh? Probably Cheetos. Unless they find a way to make filet minion into a chip.
4. if you could choose one thing about your personal appearance to change (with magic, not scalpels) what would it be?
I would make it so that eating burned about half of the calories of whatever I'm eating.
5. if you could choose one thing about your personality to change (with magic, not therapy) what would it be?
I would like to be able to be more patient with people who aren't as competent as I am, as my percieved (and quite possibly real) contempt is getting me in trouble at work.
6. say you use a fun yet probably illegal music downloading site – which one do you use?
Let's say instead I use a fun yet probably illegal anime downloading site - it would be called
7. what is the most crazy, outlandish thing you would do for, say, $9.76 million dollars?
Per a you-had-to-be-there-conversation at 35 Chester, I would drink approximately 1 liter of urine.
8. if you had to be a contestant on a reality tv show, what kind of show would it be?
Do quiz shows count as reality? If not, I'd have to say an acting version of American Idol.
9. if you could only watch one television channel for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Oooooh tough one. Probably comedy central, for the Daily Show.
10. top three favorite websites of the moment:
11. do you have a favorite recipe of all time – if so, tell me how to make it right here: Take several potatos and boil for 10 minutes. Carve into medium sized chunks, cover with extra virgin olive oil, salt, taragon, rosemary. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 while occasionally brushing with more olive oil (or butter) until edges are golden brown and crispy.
12. book that influenced you as a child:
Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series, A Stitch In Time, and (huh, I never realized this but it explains a lot) Anne of Green Gables. Oh, and Antoine St. Exuperie's Le Petit Prince.
13. say you’re on an airplane – where are you most likely going?
14. where would you rather be going?
LA, or possibly Tokyo
15. favorite animated character of all time:
Ayanami Rei
16. top three movie soundtracks (movies of stage musicals don’t count):
City Of Angels, The Breakfast Club, Jurassic Park/Star Wars: A New Hope (tie)
17. best villain EVER (doesn’t matter if they are from a book, movie, tv show, whatever):

The Joker
18. if you had to choose between electricity and running water which would you choose?
Electricity. I would leash my cat and let him search out running water in the middle of downtown Milwaukee, and you know what? He'd find some.
19. having spent a long sunny day at the beach, you are parched. God loves you and opens a deli where everything is free right there on the sand. you have every type of bottled water imaginable right there for the taking – which one do you choose?
Probably Aquafina or IceMountain
20. really, what should you actually be doing right now?

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